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Investor Basics

Access Fisher Investments’ views on several popular investing topics—simply click on the links below. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, these articles will introduce you to the research-based analysis and thought process Fisher Investments uses in its investment decision making.

In the very long term, all well-constructed broad equity indexes should yield comparable performance. What is important to consider is the safety of the path traveled. Learn more.

Though inflation has been benign in recent years, medical care and college tuition costs have outpaced many other goods, which increases the need to have exposure to growth-oriented investments over longer time periods. Learn more.

No matter how long or strong a bear market, the subsequent bull market is almost always longer and stronger. Learn more.

Bear market bottoms are usually characterized by high volatility and often steep losses, but when the market recovers it acts as a spring as investors rush back into stocks. Learn more.

The counterintuitive truth is stock market returns following periodic deficit extremes have been much higher than surplus peaks or decreasing deficits. Learn more.

Many fear higher gas prices stall the economy and negatively impact stocks. But recent history contradicts that. Learn more.


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Investing in stock markets involves the risk of loss.