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Educational Resources

Fisher Investments assigns a dedicated Investment Counselor who works with clients to determine the right mixture of education, contact and feedback for them. Many clients want to hear from their Investment Counselor at least once each quarter and some more often than that. Each Investment Counselor adjusts the method of contact and the frequency of that contact to work with the client’s wishes. Fisher Investments Investment Counselors keep clients up to date on their portfolios, while sending additional information they feel will help the clients understand the markets and portfolio holdings better. From candid discussions on the firm’s research publications to in-depth analysis on the Investment Policy Committee’s thinking on the capital markets, Investment Counselors deliver information clients need in a timely and client-defined fashion. Other ways Fisher Investments strives to deliver superior service and exceptional value to its clients includes the following:

  • Quarterly Reports with Fisher Investments Proprietary Research

Fisher Investments publishes a quarterly research report exclusively for clients, keeping them apprised of the past quarter’s events in the market, while offering some insight and analysis about what may come ahead. These reports can be sent to clients via mail and/or email. Each client's Investment Counselor can then discuss in-depth the quarterly report if questions arise. Ongoing client education is a core principle in everything Fisher Investments does.

  • Capital Markets Update Video Featuring the Fisher Investments Investment Policy Committee

The Capital Markets Update Video is distributed to clients on a semi-annual basis. The video contains a roundtable discussion with the Investment Policy Committee (IPC) addressing the current market environment and outlook. This video is created to give clients greater access to information from the IPC, and allows the IPC to share more answers to common questions that may arise among Fisher Investments’ clients.

  • Books from Fisher Investments Press

In November 2007, Fisher Investments and publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. announced the launch of Fisher Investments Press. This new publishing imprint draws from Fisher Investments’ expertise to develop an investment series that offers insight to the full spectrum of investors, from the novice to the professional. No other firm in the industry can boast such a wide-ranging initiative geared towards delivering investment education.

  • by Fisher Investments Research Staff

Sure, other financial firms have their websites, but Fisher Investments MarketMinder is a resource with a different approach to providing insight on the current market environment. Many investors want a one-stop site to access clear, credible thinking on the markets. Fisher Investments MarketMinder was created to address this need, providing concise end-of-day market wrap-ups, essential news and unique perspectives on global capital markets. Our goal is to provide discerning investors the most essential information and commentary to stay in tune with what's happening in the markets, while providing a stimulating (and sometimes irreverent) perspective on essential financial issues. And just as important, we aim to steer investors clear of the hype and false beliefs that often prevail. Visit the website at receive the latest news on your iPhone or iPad, download the Fisher Investments MarketMinder App for free on iTunes.


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